Lavneder Sachet

Oh smelly good things and sewing, together in one project, perfect!  I love the smell of lavender, its woodsy, fresh and subtle all at the same time.  I went out onto the great web in search of a lavender sachet “recipe”.  I came across this lavender spice mix here at SF Herb Company.  Its a delightful mix of lavender, cinnamon, rosemary and a few other subtle fragrances.  I also ordered my ingredients from the same place (I ordered herb from California).  They took about a week to get here, I made a half batch in a gallon ziplock bag, let it soak for a week or so, then filled some sachets I made out of a few scraps I had.  Now my undies drawer smells amazing.

Stupid Squirrel Infomercial

We have the stupidest smart squirrels ever! I think they can find their way into almost anything.  The search for a squirrel proof bird feeder has been difficult.  I had one that would close shut but those little tree rats hung off of it and chewed a hole in the side.  So then when they would jump on it, the sides would come down and all the seed would just pour right onto the ground.  They figured out how to get the lid off the suet feeder, hope it gave them the poops.   We even trained the terrier to terrorize the rodents on command.  They showed no fear of the chihuahua, I guess they thought he was one of them.  They are picky little things too, wont eat stale bread they want to good bird seed.  I think we finally have a solution. Here comes the infomercial:  The squirrel buster mini works!  It closes up and there isn’t any plastic exposed for them to chew a hole in, genius!  It has them so stumped they don’t even try anymore.  Either that or they are tunneling into my house with plans of raiding the refrigerator.  Mental note, pad lock refrigerator.  *runs to back yard, shakes fist, yells* “Your plan has been foiled! How ya like me now!”

Reusable Paper Towel Tutorial

Reusable (Unpaper) Paper Towel Tutorial.

UPDATE 15Sep2016, Sadly I am no longer selling these in my Etsy shop.

These have gotten quite a bit of love on facebook and pinterest so I thought I would make a quick tutorial.  I’m always looking for practical gifts and projects.  This is a great sewing project to pass a little time, letting you play in your fabric stash all while making something practical and useful.  

Supplies (for one towel)
Basic sewing supplies
Cotton print, 11.5 x 11.5  
Terry cloth, 11.5 x 11.5
Plastic snaps and the assembly/installation tools update: I got my snaps here.

Coordinating thread 


Cut out your fabric, try to get the pieces as square as possible so your towels wont be all wonky. This can be difficult with the terry, as it does stretch, so just be patient with yourself.  
Placing right sides together pin the terry cloth and cotton print together.  Sew (3/8 inch allowance) all the way around the towel, being sure to back stitch when you start and stop. 
 If you feel more comfortable with a larger seam allowance go for it, just be consistent so all the finished towels are the same size.  Leave a 2 inch opening on one side for turning. 
 Trim the corners to remove some bulk (which I forgot to photograph sorry), at this point you might also want to trim the edges if you used a larger seam allowance.  Through the 2 inch opening turn the towel right side out, push out the corners and tuck in the “flap” of the opening. 
Almost done!   Iron it very well, pressing the seams flat.  To give the towel a nice completed look top stitch 1/4 inch from the edge all the way around.  This will also serve to close up the 2 inch opening.  
Next install the snaps, two female down one side and two male on the other side.  ….and done!  
 Now go do it five more times and you will have a full set.   
snapped together set
Or comment that you think I should start an Etsy shop, cause I need more to do……. UPDATE:  see the top of the page for the link to my shop!



Pin Time

This whole Pinterest thing seems to be catching on.  I created an account, pinned two things and promptly forgot about it.   So I’ve started adding items here and there as not to disappoint my followers, cause you know thats the whole point.  The belong to yet another social media clique and be the most popular.  *gets off soap box*   So all that to say HERE is my first board that seems to actually have some substance…green.  It was an easy theme to follow.  Enjoy, or dont, no one is going to judge.  Except for all those Pinterest junkies.