Burlap Wreath – not quite tutorial

I have never been a big fan of burlap.   I have however, always been a fan of brown and blue together.   I was looking for something for the front door that would be a little different and perhaps even double as a decoration for the Mermaid Tea Party.
 I was poking around at the local Hobby Lobby and the burlap was on sale 50% off as were the tiny teal flowers.  Then I found the 18” metal frame that was $3.  The fabric and beads I had.  Although, I did splurge on new large glue gun while I was there.  More glue more power, right?  
First I assembled all of the flowers (well not completely but it makes more sense that way).  I made each of the three large fluffy flowers by folding and cutting squares of fabric to make petals, then stringing them together. 
 I also made a few extra petals to place along the wreath.  The cream colored ones were lightly sprayed with Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint in bronze.  Again – lightly sprayed.   Then I glued the pearl beads to the center all the flowers, the ones I made and the tiny ones I bought. 

 I glued all the flowers to a circle of left over quilt batting I had, but felt would probably do just as well.  
On to the Burlap – I started by “weaving” the burlap through the frame.  

 This part probably took the longest, and I used way more than any of the tutorials I read recommended.  They all said about 15 feet; I used something around thirty, but it’s nice and fluffy.   
 After all of the burlap was woven through the frame I attached the flowers and the rest of the beads.  Then, a pretty piece of ribbon for a hanger.   

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

Cookies!  Can’t go wrong with cookies right?  I am trying out recipes for the up and coming mermaid tea party and landed on this one from Martha Stewart .  It was easy to split in half, and I skipped the round shape opting for a “slab” I cut into rectangles. 
Ingredients (for a half batch)
1 cup all purpose flour
1 table spoon ground tea leaves
¼ teaspoon salt
1 stick of unsalted butter
¼ cup confectioners sugar
1 teaspoon grated orange zest
First, I had a new mortar and pestle that I wanted to try so I used that to grind the earl grey tea leaves. Next, mix the flour, salt and ground tea in a small bowl.  
Mix together butter, sugar and zest with an electric mixer.  The mixture should be pale and fluffy.   
Gently mix in the flour until just combined. This is where I deviated from the instructions a little.  Form the dough on parchment paper into a “slab” about an inch thick.  Allow to sit in the refrigerator until firm (about 30min).  Slice into rectangles and place on parchment lined baking sheet.   Bake at 350 until set and lightly browned along the edges.  I turned mine halfway through so they would brown even.  
Not only was this an easy recipe but they stored well too.  I kept them in an airtight container for five days and they still tasted wonderful.  I’m sure they would have stayed fresh longer if they didn’t get eaten so fast.  

Mercury Glass Tutorial with Glitter!

Mercury glass has a warm comfortable glow along with an irresistible shine.  As it is becoming increasingly popular with decorating trends I decided to add mercury glass to the decorations for the mermaid tea party (think mermaid meets vintage meets shipwreck) .  I felt like it would lend to the shipwreck feel and then I saw how much it cost, oh it wrecked my wallet. 

Solution – the internet of course.    
There are lots and lots of tutorials out there.  They all had the Krylon LookingGlass spray paint in common.   Per the manufactures instructions, the paint is applied to the reverse side of the glass.  Then various forms of distressing could be applied/performed.    I wasn’t too keen on treating the glass after it was painted so this is what I tried instead. 

Spray paint choices
Preparation tip, I wrapped the outside of the candle holders/vase with newspaper and clear pacing tape to protect the outside from over spray. 
wrap the outside

I applied glitter spray paint first and then the looking glass spray paint, both to the reverse side of the glass.  I was hoping the glitter would break up the “glass” appearance creating the distressed mercury glass look without any additional hands on time.  

First of all the glitter blast was not the best choice.  It is  for full coverage glitter so I applied a few little bursts.  Unfortunately it gave the glass a dull appearance. Great product, I used it for some other applications, just not this one.  See how dull the finished product is.


So on to what else didn’t work.  I got these cute Fleur -de-lis candle holders at Hobby Lobby, some clear and some blue.  The instructions for the spray paint say the surface has to be clean and dry.  Hot soapy water fail.  I managed to salvage the second one sort of. For what I can figure, the “blue” was a lacquer applied to the outside of clear glass.  

So on to what worked.  The glitter spray paint!  Instead of spray paint marketed for full coverage I went with more of a subtle glittery-ness spray paint.  The glitter spray paint was applied first in a few light coats; uneven is fine perhaps even better.  Let that dry and continued with the looking glass paint as described.  

I tried it on a vase, note the subtle gold glitter. 

Cracked glass, turned out quite pretty.

Blue slightly ruined candle holders, probably my favorite!

And clear glass.

I like the effect the gold glitter brought to the whole experience.  Very shipwreck with out wrecking my wallet.

Tea Party

I thoroughly enjoy planning events, and sharing them with friends and family.  Typically in the spring there is a small gathering at my house with my husbands family.  We have had pampered chef parties, baby and wedding showers, all so much fun.  There is always plenty of food, decorations and above all laughter.  This spring my pampered chef person has called it quits and there is no marked occasion.  So here I am no event to plan, no invitations to design, no menu to set up, and no decorations to make.  Whats a “keep my hands busy” girl like me to do.  Mermaid Tea Party!

My intent over the next few weeks is to blog recipes, invitations, decorations, the whole shebang.   Think mermaid meets, vintage, meets shipwreck with tea and cookies.  This aint no mermaid princess party! 

I would love any ideas, recipes or to hear how you plan for a party!  So speak up or just hang around for mermaid tea party planning sessions.

Preview: Earl Grey Tea Cookies