Etsy Shop – take…. I duno three or four?

I am easily consumed by anything involving fabric.  Shopping for it, using it, stashing it, organizing it, did I mention shopping for it?  Finding the time to create can be a daunting task, there is the mess to contend with and the need for space to really make the project enjoyable.  Then I’m left with what to do when the finished product.   Some are given as gifts, others I use myself, and when I have the time I like to turn to Etsy.  So here is the Etsy shop, yet again. I have decided that instead blogging every time I relaunch, adding a fancy shop feed to the blog will be better. (see right side of your screen).  The goal is to fill the shop with practical, useful items created with a little whimsy and a lot of love.


Zipper bags to bring a little fun organization to your purse, desk or vanity.

Aprons with niffty snappy pockets to help while cleaning,  procurement at yard sales, or vending at a craft show.

Cupcake greeting cards, appliqued in delicious pastel prints.

Perfect for tea parties or hostess gifts, cocktail napkins with a shabby vintage feel.


Pot Stickers

Pot stickers, chinese dumplings…whatever.  Pork stuffed goodness stuffed in a wrapper and fried till crispy…..yes please.  I found the recipie here and followed it closely with the exception of ~1/4 a teaspoon of fresh ground ginger.

After mushing up all the meat. I let it sit in the fridge for about two hours, then filled wonton wrappers.

Fold diagonally, seal the edges and bring the corners up to the middle.

I continued to follow the recipe while keeping them warm in the oven.  Served with sauteed carrots.


Make Your Own Chalk Paint DIY

Well the first thing I learned about chalk paint; oh my that is expensive for a little can.  This cool thing happens when you type stuff into google, you find others who went before you in search of a better way.  Truthfully I trolled the internet, got the basic idea and and just played. So – Why did I choose to make my own when the work is already done for me, it cheap, easy and the color pallet is limitless.

The basics of the recipe is 1 part water, 1 part plaster of Paris and 3 parts paint.   The plaster of Paris will make this set up or cure quickly once applied.  Also, once mixed it will harden over time so only make what you need for your project.  Because of the soft texture of the chalk paint I would recommend using satin or flat paint, the velspar paint and primer in one is a good choice.  Mix the water and POP together first then add this to the paint. I mix it until it looks like thin batter.   I do add a little more water to the paint mixture before I make the final coat.  I find this makes the brush strokes much less noticeable.  Simple.

We painted out bedroom a lovely shade of grey and the ceiling a lighter color.  Its soft and gorgeous, and I wanted the bed side tables to match.   They started off one green and the other brown with contact paper on the top.


I used what was left of the ceiling color to paint the tables.

Then I added antiquing dust to bring out the details.

Then done.

I topped it with a little white ceramic bird and some old glass door knobs I have been saving.


Want to see what else I am thinking for the bed room?  Check the rest of my random jumbled up thoughts HERE on my bedroom  pinterest board.

Unravel My Travel – Visiting the Phips, Again!

I love visiting the Phipps, its probably my favorite place in Pittsburgh.  Its like being transported to a rain forest, Victorian greenhouse, spice grove and Japanese garden all in one afternoon. Last year in August ( late on this post I know) I was so excited to share it with my husband.  The shutter bug took 1600 photos.  I’m serious, my finger gets a cramp just thinking of it.  So no more yammering on about how awesome it was.  Here are a few photos to prove it.

Oh and this great picture I took of my parents super cool cat, Buddy.  He was eating ants????