Burlap Wreath – not quite tutorial

I have never been a big fan of burlap.   I have however, always been a fan of brown and blue together.   I was looking for something for the front door that would be a little different and perhaps even double as a decoration for the Mermaid Tea Party.
 I was poking around at the local Hobby Lobby and the burlap was on sale 50% off as were the tiny teal flowers.  Then I found the 18” metal frame that was $3.  The fabric and beads I had.  Although, I did splurge on new large glue gun while I was there.  More glue more power, right?  
First I assembled all of the flowers (well not completely but it makes more sense that way).  I made each of the three large fluffy flowers by folding and cutting squares of fabric to make petals, then stringing them together. 
 I also made a few extra petals to place along the wreath.  The cream colored ones were lightly sprayed with Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint in bronze.  Again – lightly sprayed.   Then I glued the pearl beads to the center all the flowers, the ones I made and the tiny ones I bought. 

 I glued all the flowers to a circle of left over quilt batting I had, but felt would probably do just as well.  
On to the Burlap – I started by “weaving” the burlap through the frame.  

 This part probably took the longest, and I used way more than any of the tutorials I read recommended.  They all said about 15 feet; I used something around thirty, but it’s nice and fluffy.   
 After all of the burlap was woven through the frame I attached the flowers and the rest of the beads.  Then, a pretty piece of ribbon for a hanger.