Cake Balls

I post about food, no way, go figure me love food and talking about it.  Never would have guessed right?
Its that time of year for baby and bridal showers.  I posted a few tutorials for easy pomanders and garland but I forgot to talk about the food!!!

I first saw the idea and great instructions for cake balls here, at the Bakerella blog.  I even borrowed a friends copy of her book.  She does some of the most adorable things with cake decorations and some melted chocolate. Her blog is delightful and I highly recommended sending a “click” her way.  I was inspired and decided to try some of my own.
 So the first questions I had to get figured out is what exactly is a cake ball?  Its cake that has been mixed with icing rolled into a ball and then dipped in melted chocolate. Um yes please!

 I used strawberry cake and a store bought cream cheese icing. I baked the cake per the package instructions, let it cool slightly and then using my hands crumbled it thoroughly.  While the crumbs were still slightly warm I mushed together not quite the whole container of icing with the crumbs.  You don’t need to exactly measure the icing just go until its moist and will roll into a ball.  Then roll the mixture into balls about the size of a walnut and chill overnight in the fridge. 

The next day (working in batches from the fridge) I dipped them in melted white chocolate and green chocolate.  Both colors are vanilla flavored.  Then topped them with pink and green sugar pearls to match the brides color.  After they set up I put them in mini cupcake papers and  stored them at room temperature in an air tight container.  The cupcake papers hid my poor dipping skills quite well.

I have to say they were good the day I made them, but tasted better the next day for the shower and were still moist a few days later.  I honestly couldn’t tell you how long they would have made it a room temp because they didn’t last that long.