Diaper Cake Not Quite Tutorial

Diaper Cake Not Quite Tutorial

The first diaper cake I made was years ago for a shower that was here at the house.  The same one I made the jungle themed party decorations for.  They are pretty simple so this is more of a guide than a step by step tutorial.

New born diapers (42 total)
Fleece blanket
Flannel receiving blankets
Cake “topper” stuffed toy
Other decorations, think small and easy to attach
Assortment of ribbon
Safety pins
Rubber band assortment
Wooden skewers or chop sticks
Hot glue gun or stapler

The first step takes the longest and is the least amount of fun so its good to get it out of the way. Roll all the diapers!  I find its best to roll starting from the waist band to the bottom of the diaper.  This way the loose flappy edges are to the inside, making the diaper easier to work with.

Now to assemble the individual layers.  Using a rubber band, bind together four diapers.  Repeat this process two more times for a total of three sets of four.   Set one aside, this is the top layer of the cake (4 diapers) .

Now to each remaining set of four add eight more diapers to the outside.  Set one of these aside to be the middle layer (12 diapers).

Add the remaining diapers to the last set to make the bottom layer of the cake (26 diapers).

To assemble the cake, and make it stay together, I use a wooden skewer threaded down the middle to keep the layers from shifting. 

Then wrap the cake with the blankets.  I like to use a fleece one for the bottom and the lighter flannel for the top two layers.  Secure them with clothes pins.  If you choose to, wrap the ribbon around the base of each layer, secure the ends to themselves with either staples or hot glue. 

For the cake topper I tied a bow around the lions neck, slipped another skewer in to it from behind and used that to attach him to the cake upright. Finish by adding all the other decorations around the cake.