Etsy on the way!

Disclaimer: I’m writing this in hopes that it will be to chronicle a journey, but I think it might just be to get a few thoughts out of my head.  Either way it serves some purpose. 
I am starting an Etsy shop to sell reusable paper towels, seen here in a very popular post.  I’m excited, nervous, anxious and a little bit intimidated.  The to do list is growing; order shipping materials, set up the shop, write a bunch of “stuff” for said shop, order supplies and the lists goes on.  I’m sure there are a few things I haven’t even considered.  Then of course the fun part, make the inventory.  I think that is going to be the most challenging part for me.  Not making the inventory necessarily, but trying to make sure I have fun and don’t get burned out.  For me the best way to accomplish this is to be systematic about the process.  I spent a few hours this past weekend just cutting terry cloth into squares, then moved on to some cotton prints.  Once those are finished I’ll move on to the next step.  One thing at a time right?  I think if I can keep myself from moving in to many directions at once I’ll be good.  *sigh*
So those were the thoughts out of my head.  Here is the chronicle.  So far I have ordered additional “pretty” fabric that is specifically slated for inventory.  If I know when the fabric shows its suppose to be for something specific I wont be so tempted to make something else. There are pretty floral, wild abstracts, and dainty damasks.  In addition, I ordered snaps in some other colors.  White is nice but a girl needs more sometimes!    I buy thread almost impulsively so I think I might be good there, nah…need to make a trip out next time its on sale.  The shop is about 20% set up on line, so obviously there is more work to be done there.  My targeted “start up” inventory is well over half way cut out.  The flat rate pre-paid shipping envelopes are on their way.   I need to figure out what I need to do, if anything, to make use of the tracking numbers.  This leaves a lot to be done yet but I feel good about my progress.  Me 1, catastrophic meltdown 0.  

Update 17Sep2012, its here! Update 08Jun13, oh my it was so much work.  Its on a long term vacation.

2 Replies to “Etsy on the way!”

  1. Carol, I'm not sure what the name will be. I'm leaning towards This Short Girl, not totally sold on it yet.
    I bet your towels did look cute, and i love the rebuked fabric idea. I'll have to look into that. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Congrats on your shop! What will your store name be?

    I just made a bunch of these towels. I used some used, but clean towels I had around, with some recycled fabric I bought on Etsy. They look cute!

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