Fabric Covered Ornament Tutorial

My new found crafty goody, Mod Podge.  I can’t believe it took me this long to discover its sticky shinny goodness.  My favorite project for Christmas are these adorable fabric covered ornaments.

Mod Podge Gloss
Paint Brush
Fabric Scraps
Glass (or Plastic) Ornaments
Mod Podge Sparkle (optional)

You can find all of this at your local craft store.  Most stores even have the clear ornaments available year round.  These came from Hobby Lobby, they are approximately 3.5 inches and were half off during the Christmas decoration sale. The sparkle Mod Podge isn’t necessary but I thought “oh pretty” and it was in the shopping cart.  

First, gather your fabric scraps and cut them into small pieces.  Most of mine are smaller than a quarter, too big and they will pucker and not lay completely flat on the ornament.

Next, being careful not to cut yourself, remove the metal cap and set it aside.  To a small section of the oranamaent use a paint brush to apply a thin coat of the Mod Podge (MP).  Place a few of the fabric pieces onto the ornament, overlapping slightly, and press gently into the glue.  Brush additional MP over the fabric pieces.

Continue working around the ornament randomly attaching the fabric.  The MP will be hazy at first but it will dry clear.

Here is a little drying “rack” I came up with; wooden skewers and a heavy bottomed vase.

Once they are dry (about 20 minutes) you can place the metal cap back onto the ornament. Or you may opt for an additional coat of MP first.  This is where I busted out the sparkle MP, adding a top coat of shimmery glitter.   You can almost see it in the picture below.

You could also stir in your own glitter, I want to try micro fine gold glitter over pretty burgundy scraps.

Then hang them on the tree and enjoy!