Get’n Frilly – a Ruffle Tutorial

Get’n Frilly – a Ruffle Tutorial
Disclaimer: I have pondered and tried other ways to make the ever popular ruffle but this is what I have decided works for me.  I looked at a ruffle foot once ….once.  If you like gadgets and must have perfect evenly spaced ruffles then do it.  Otherwise this technique works great for me and now I have a post to refer to in other tuts!
The fabric I am using looks a little ratty.  If this were more than just a visual aid I would have finished the edges but good enough, right?   Thread the machine with a bright easy to see contrasting thread and set the stitch length for the largest your machine will do.  
The largest my machine will do is 5.0 mm
 Sew the length of the strip, ¼ inch allowance, no back stitching or tread lock with plenty of extra thread hanging off the edges.  This is called a basting stitch.  Sew a second time, parallel to the first about a ¼ inch away.   
Shown here with two rows of basting stitches
 Now comes the fun part, on one side grab two threads.  It really doesn’t matter if they are the bobbin thread or the spool thread as long as they are on the same side of the fabric(ie either both bobbin threads, or both spool threads), I choose the bobbin threads . 
hold the bobbin thread in your right hand
 Hold them firmly in your right hand and the fabric in the left, now gently pull the fabric.  Think opening the curtains.  (my right hand was taking the picture below so imagine it off to the right)
thread in the right, fabric in the left
 Tada ruffles.  Gently tug and pull at the fabric to space the ruffles how you like.  All done!  Now go get frilly! 
completed ruffle

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