I Do Declare

Oh I do declare I have the vapors, bring me a mint julep.   I guess my idea of a southern porch is a bit different.    Last summer my front porch was a fine shady spot with two rocking chairs plopped in a jungle of over grown house plants.  As pleased as I was with its simplicity I can’t help but day dream about a brightly colored space, something more than just two white rocking chairs and a few boston ferns.  So here is my “virtual shopping spree”.   (be patient I couldn’t figure out how to imbed the links into the pictures)
I’m like the look of dark furniture contrasted by bright pillows, rounded out with a few simple accessories.  

Sometimes I prefer to be a loaner and curl up with a good book, for that I chose a softly colored blue chair and ottoman.  Then again, we all like to be the life of the party sometimes.  Lots of my friends will fit on this sofa with green squishy pillows.   I still want more color so its deep dark teal pillows and a wild tropical whimsical print.   What proper southern lady would be left without a tall glass of sweet tea,  I intent to set mine on this bright green side table.  
I have been on a bird kick lately so I know these planters are perfect, and even a little matching candle.  Of course I cant go wrong with basic white.  I like the simple round shape.   I would fill them with herbs and perhaps bright orange nasturtiums.  Next,  a simple table to round them all up and keep them from getting knocked over by the dog.  She sees a squirrel and all bets are off.   Finally, a few creature comforts.   As long as it has food in it the birds wouldn’t care, but isn’t this bird feeder cute with its little windows and ‘70s avocado green.  Lastly, as summer gets here I’m going to need a fan.  I like that this one is portable so I can move it around on the porch.  Well that’s my “virtual shopping spree”  What’s your dreamy outside space like and can I come over.  I’ll bring sweet tea.

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  1. Eliza, I too have been dreaming on my porch and how I can fill it with good old fashion Southern Charm! I've been pinning my ideas to Pinterist, but just might have to steal your idea and write a blog about it 🙂

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