Its a Jungle.

Seems like it is the season for baby and wedding showers. I have been pillaging the internet looking for decorating ideas for an up coming bridal shower.  This had me reflecting on a baby shower from a few years ago.  The theme was jungle and I made the most adorable jungle vine to hang from the ceiling, complete with monkey.   This is a simple and very cheap decoration that will wow the mommy to be and the guests. 
Roll of brown packing paper. 
Zip ties or clear tape
Silk flowers/foliage, trim as needed
Monkey Toy (optional)
gardening gloves

 I apologize for not having step by step pictures, I did this long ago before this blog was even a twinkle on my keyboard.  So here goes…. Completely unroll the brown paper onto the floor, you might need a few props to keep it from rolling back up.  Cut it lengthwise into three long strips, they don’t have to be perfect wonky is just fine.  So you don’t get the most massive paper cuts ever use the gloves for protection during the next few steps.  Twist/wring the three long strips of paper into vines.  Using a zip tie secure the three vines and a section of flowers/foliage together at one end.    Continue zip tying and adding flowers wherever it looks like it works.  In some sections I only secured two vines together leaving the third to hang free.  Think of it as a very loose braid.  Then when you get to the end secure everything together like in the beginning.  If you chose to add a stuffed monkey just latch him on with those little velcro hands and its finished.  Hang it from the ceiling, or around a door frame.  Anywhere that swag might be used is perfect! 
After the shower it was so cute we left it up for a few weeks, then it went to the church’s children’s room to add to their tree house decorations. 
Well I hope this can offer some inspiration.  If you have any other decorating ideas, or came up with something fun I would love to hear it in the comment section.