Looking for Spring!

Its cold, well it was today and three days ago….but it will get cold again before it gets warmer.  I am so excited to have a greenhouse this year to get my spring crop cooking early.  So you can only imagine what kind of a girly sequely dance I did yesterday when my burpee seed order got here.   I ordered super sweet 100 tomatoes, lots of lettuce and some basil.

The lettuce I’ll start this weekend, then the tomatoes and basil in a few weeks.  With all luck, some sunshine, water and lovey words to the little seedlings I’ll have a small simple crop for summer.  I also got nasturtiums, and vinica to start for the flower beds.  Yippe!  I would love to hear from the other gardeners out there.  I’m just learning so any advice or recommendations are welcomed.  Happy digging.

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  1. My advice is to share your crop with your favorite cousin in law in Michigan because a certain ASSociation we live in will not allow gardens.

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