Mothers Day Tutorial Round up

Whats better to give for mothers day than a little handmade gift, and you still have time to DIY. All of these projects are relatively quick and are sure to be cherished. My mother personally requested handmade kitchen towels but I might slip in a few extra goodies.  These are just a few favorites, for a more extensive list and a few Esty items to be had (for the not crafty) check out my board on pinterest (link below).

1. The Reversible Bag tutorial from Very Purple Person’s blog.  Why I love it…the techniques are simple, its versatile.  Why I choose it….great pictures making it easy to follow.

2.  Bird Nest Necklace tutorial from Sarah Ortega’s blog.  Why I love it…trendy.  Why I choose it….you can use beads that reflect your family’s birthstones. 

3.  Silk Scarf tutorial from Yummy Goods’s blog.  Why I love it….. silk silk silk.  Why I choose it…..there is a sentimental quality to a handmade scarf.

4.  Felt Flower Brooch from Designs By Night blog.  Why I love it ……. new twist on a classic.  Why I choose it… sewing machine, get your glue gun and get empowered.

5.  Herb Filled Sachet from Checkout Girl’s blog.  Why I love it……the neutral background with the bright embellishment.  Why I choose it…….another gift that’s easy to personalize.

If you are still searching or just craft giddy, I am constantly adding to the mothers day gift board, mostly cause I like to make fun stuff for the mothers in my life.  You can find more here.  Happy gifting/crafting/feeling inspired.

Disclaimer:  If you feel that I have shared your tutorial with false pretenses please send me a message and I will be happy to remove you from the round up.