Radio Silent

Well I have taken a break for a few weeks, and enjoyed my radio silent time.  So I thought I would make it last one more week.  So think of this post as a clip show. 

My favorite posts!

Reusable paper towel tutorial.
Why I love it?  I think this post carved me out a tiny tiny little place on the internet.  I posted a link on pinterest in in 45 minutes it had been repinned 120 times.  

Compost tumbler, a honey do tutorial.
Why I love it?  Its great and I didnt have to write it!

Meat Stuffed Shells
Why I love it?  Its yummy, enough said.

Unravel my travel – Pittsburgh and vicinity Part 1 Part 2
Why I love it?  Every August I visit my family here and it is always one adventure after another.  This blog post represents several of my favorite highlights. 

Mercury Glass Tutorial – with glitter
Why I love it?  I had so much fun doing this particular installment.  I was getting ready for my mermaid tea party and chronicling the journey.  I had three cans of spray paint, a bunch of random glassware, and utterly no idea what I was doing!  How enjoyable!