Sew Um Yea!

Well, I said I would keep everyone updated on the Pleasure Island Fresh Market adventure.  We got accepted with enough time to get organized, which was a relief.  It was a little chilly during set up, we were just across from the Winner Queen at the Carolina Beach Yacht Basin.  Overall the weather was gorgeous, bringing out a good number of patrons.  Brandy’s crochet hats with holes for pony tails were a huge hit.  I received enthusiastic comments on my upcycled denim aprons, which tickled me to pieces.  A sausage biscuit, lots of laughter and few sales later it was time to break down.   Bummed you missed us?  You should be, the entertainment value that Brandy and I provide is worth the trip.  Yea, we crack ourselves up.  If you feel like a unique holiday shopping experience,  we will be back next weekend, December 3rd, from eight till one.  Its the last market of the season so come get your handmade Christmas gifts, baked goods or just stretch your legs.  Want to know more you can visit the markets web site here.  Hope to see you there.