Sew What!

Anyone who knows me our has spend even ten minutes on my blog knows I love to do anything crafty.  About three weeks ago a friend asked if I would like to participate as a vendor in a local market.  I was so thrilled.   She started filling out the application and I started stressing because I had to provide a list of the items I would be bringing.  I felt like one of those brightly colored crazy arm waving things from on top of a used car dealership.  “I’m over here, now I’m over here, no wait I want to be over here”    Usually I love making lists, I’m a regular task master, but narrowing down what I wanted to do was harder than I thought.  Once I took a break from the frantic arm waving I decided to only sell my stitch-y goods.    Specifically upcycled denim aprons and bags, fashion scarves, zipper bags, and funky bracelets, all finely crafted and sewn by this short girl.  Once I made the list and the arm waving came to a complete stop I realized something…. making the list forced me to focus. Narrowing my focus has allowed me to be more productive.  So now I have spent the past few weeks covered in thread and little snippy bits of fabric contently fulfilling the list.     I wont have a huge range of items, but what I have will be well made, thought out and hopefully equally enjoyed by others.  
I will keep everyone posted on what the final verdict is.  We are still waiting for our application to be reviewed.