ShipWreck Bottles using Water Decals Almost Tutorial

Water Decals Tutorial
I can remember being a teenager and loving those little decals that you soak in water then stick to your nails.   Well now you can get printable paper for creating your own grown up decals.  The product web site is HERE, however it is available from many sources.  I picked mine up on Amazon.  It comes for both laser and ink jet printers so be check and make sure you get the correct one.  Okay – on from what sounded like a public service announcement to the project.
I was looking for old bottles to add to the table-scape of the mermaid tea party.   So once again think; vintage meets ship wreck.  However, much like the mercury glass it wrecked my budget.  I found a really cool old whiskey bottle at an antique/junk shop that would have been perfect except it was $30 … um no, especially since the whiskey was all gone.   I set out to make my own, for about $15 and some free wine bottles I was ready.
Wine bottles, with existing labels removed
New Labels to print (see sources below)
Decal paper
Water filled Spray bottle
Digital software (optional)
I used Photoshop to do a little editing on the images but that really isn’t necessary.  Simply print them on the decal sheets following the instructions that came with the pack.  Then cut them out, you will be able to see the edge slightly after the transfer so you might want to be as neat as possible.  
Transfer the decals to the bottles, again following the instructions that came with the paper.  Tip; spraying the surface with a little water allowed me to manipulate the decal and push out air bubbles before it set up.  Allow them to dry over night before handling them. 
It is recommended to spray a clear coat over the decals.   However, I was concerned this might look messy on the clear bottles if it wasn’t perfectly even so I opted out.   Have fun!   I’m sure there are tons of uses for these decals!   
Graphic sources:
 I found the French design here at Graphics Fairy.    The pharmacy label is from here at Altered Artifacts.  As for the Witch Hazel label, I have seen it everywhere and have no idea where it came from.  However best I can tell Love Mansion is the original creator, find it here.