Tea Party

I thoroughly enjoy planning events, and sharing them with friends and family.  Typically in the spring there is a small gathering at my house with my husbands family.  We have had pampered chef parties, baby and wedding showers, all so much fun.  There is always plenty of food, decorations and above all laughter.  This spring my pampered chef person has called it quits and there is no marked occasion.  So here I am no event to plan, no invitations to design, no menu to set up, and no decorations to make.  Whats a “keep my hands busy” girl like me to do.  Mermaid Tea Party!

My intent over the next few weeks is to blog recipes, invitations, decorations, the whole shebang.   Think mermaid meets, vintage, meets shipwreck with tea and cookies.  This aint no mermaid princess party! 

I would love any ideas, recipes or to hear how you plan for a party!  So speak up or just hang around for mermaid tea party planning sessions.

Preview: Earl Grey Tea Cookies