Treasure hunt exposed!

I have been getting emails and questions about the props in some of my Etsy photos.  So here is a quick run down of what I got and where I got it from.  The treasure hunt exposed!

The bowl:  Its a heavy and gorgeous iron stone bowl.  I found it on Etsy and when it isn’t being used as a prop I like to fill it with lemons and set it on the kitchen counter.  $28

The tray:  I picked this little silver plated tray up at a charity shop.  It was originally for my mermaid tea party but has found its place next to my bed collecting bits and baubles. I think I paid less than $2 for it. 

The pearls:  These came from a consignment shop where I had store credit so they were a win win.  Again for the mermaid party but I have since enjoyed wearing them, and occasionally restringing them. $7 but free on store credit.

The knobs – I won  these in an auction on ebay.  I think with shipping all three were less than $17.  Since we have repainted the bedroom a lovely grey they complement it very well, and thus get scattered about in there.

The bird:  I love birdy things.  I got this at one of those home decorating warehouse places.  I don’t recall where but I’m sure I didn’t pay more that $3 for it. 

The old window:  Such a cool story there.  My husband and I spent an afternoon poking around town together, a rarity I assure you.  We found it in a consignment shop with circa 1949 written on it. It was painted off white and peach, with paint on the krinkeld glass.  I wondered how they could be so specific about the date.  Turns out the house that it came from was destroyed when hurricane Sandy swept across Long Island, and the house was built in 1949.  We took it home and painstakingly removed paint from the glass detail, stripped the frame and repainted it.  Now it hangs in our bedroom, all sparkly when the sun shines on it. $32 and lots of time.

The keys:  I found these at my mother in laws when my sister and law and I were helping her clean out an old bedroom.  There were four together but one of them belonged to a piece of furniture they still had.  Now I have the three orphaned ones in photographs.  Free.

So there it is the treasure hunt of props.  Many of them were from the mermaid tea party, some are just random things from around the house, some just straight up cheap junk!