Unravel my Travel

I haven’t traveled far and wide by any means.  However, I have seen and experienced things I found to be enjoyable and fascinating.  This marks the first installment of Unravel my Travel.

Unravel my Travel: Pittsburgh and vicinity
Disclaimer: Truthfully its Butler and vicinity but no one knows where that is.  Butler is where my parents live, a small country town outside of Pittsburgh.  Travel south towards Pittsburgh and there are museums, restaurants and sightseeing.  Move away from the hustle and bustle there are some of the most beautiful parks and trails.  The purpose of this travel blog is to highlight what I have experienced and enjoy about the area. I hope you enjoy while I unravel my travel.
Part 1:  Day at Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History
There are actually four different Carnegie Museums.   The art and history museums are housed in the same complex on Forbes Avenue, complete with a parking deck.   While the other two museums, The Carnegie Science Center and The Warhol, have their own facilities in different locations.    My personal favorites are the natural history and art museums.  There are halls and rooms filled with dinosaurs, all kinds of animals, statues, gems, architecture and everything in between.  
The dinosaur exhibit, Dinosaurs in Their Time, is freshly renovated and spectacular.   The new design creates a feeling of being immersed in the dinosaur’s environment.   The brontosaurs with its small head and huge tail was so cool!  Its tail was so long it left its own exhibit space and trailed through two others.   Then of course who can forget the T-Rex!  They even have T-Rex on display in the airport as advertisement for the museum!  Okay so I think dinosaurs are cool, but who doesn’t! It’s still a must see.
If you prefer your wildlife not so prehistoric then there are the African, and North American exhibit halls.  Complete with a creepy in need of a renovation taxidermy bird exhibit. Some of the specimens are lying on the bottom of the case with just cotton for eyes.   In all these years they couldn’t find some buttons or something, totally gross.   Sadly I don’t have any pictures of the flightless horror show.  
Other notable exhibits are The Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems which displays a pleasantly sized collection, including 500 gems and jewelry pieces.   Always fascinating to me is an Egyptian exhibit.  After a little research I found that the mummy and its coffin in the Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt was actually donated by Andrew Carnegie himself.
If you have time after all that I recommend walking through the art museum.  At the very least spend a few minutes in the Hall of Architecture.  Its filled to the brim with columns, doors, sculptures, and tombs.  All plaster cast replicas its akin to taking a trip through the ancient world, experiencing the best it has to offer all in one room.   One of my favorite visits to the Hall of Architecture was near Christmas time.  In between columns and under massive arch ways were beautifully decorated Christmas trees.  No matter what time of year the Carnegie Art and Natural History museum is worth the visit.   
Hall of Architecture
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