6 best things I’ve cooked during “quarantine”

There are a few weeks left until we are gonna be allowed to roam about freely, but here is south eastern North Carolina we have at least had a gorgeous spring. Even with warm temperatures and sun shinny days I’m still getting tired of being stuck at home in self isolation.

I always find joy cooking with fresh flavors and bright colors, it’s become even more therapeutic over the, what’s the count, 55 days? There is something about a delicious fresh meal that just lifts my spirits, and recently has created a feeling of structure and accomplishment. So please enjoy the best things I have cooked while keeping myself squirreled away at home.

(Disclaimer: the photos are subpar, I didn’t really expect to be blogging about eating during a pandemic. Thanks for being understanding. )

Vietnamese Noodle Bowls. The first place I ever had Bun Thit Nuong is a local Thai/Vietnamese restaurant, they have an garden with little private pagodas open during dinner hours. Cold noodles and fresh veggies make the Vietnamese bowls perfect for out door summer dinning. Partly reminiscent for summer and partly because they are delicious, creating these bowls at home always makes me happy. I prefer mine with lemongrass pork and a health pile of chopped peanuts.

Steak and Nectarine Salad. This one came pretty much straight out of the new cookbook Half Bakes Harvest: Super Simple, which you can find on her blog. I ditched the sauteed peppers and skipped to the steak and nectarines. All on a bed of arugula with lots of sliced cucumbers and basil. This is another bright cheery meal that makes me think of summer and not being stuck at home.

Indian Butter Chicken. I love Indian food, and was excited that this was simple to make and didn’t require a special skill or anything I couldn’t find in the grocery store. I fiddled around on the interweb googles, mushed together a few recipes, bought some naan and went for it. Its a nice warm but not spicy flavor, so very popular with the husband.

Lemon Something Chicken. Typically called Chicken Francese or French or Rochester, it’s all the same; breaded chicken cutlets in a lemony butter sauce that is delicious over pasta. I’ve made this allot during self isolation. Bright citrus and buttery sauce plated over angle hair pasta, it’s fabulous comfort food.

Avocado Toast. I honestly never thought I would warm up to the thought, but now I can’t get enough of it. My favorite accompaniment is sliced cherry tomatoes and everything bagel seasoning, with sourdough being the popular toast choice. It’s crunchy and creamy, hot and cold with a salty garlicy flavor sending it right over the top. Best part; being home all the time I can catch the avocados in that 1 hour window where they are perfectly ripe.

Street Meat, or at least that is what we have come to call it. Using recipes modeled after the sidewalk vendors in NYC, which I’ve actually never had myself so I’m not sure how it compares, it still manages to be delicious. The hot chicken and rice mixed with cold crispy lettuce topped with tangy white sauce vanquishes hunger. It’s also made me love tolerate chicken thighs.

So that’s the list. I’m sure there is more that captivated me but it’s been a long couple of weeks and my brain has taken several days off. Cooking and exploring new cultures through cookbooks and food blogs alike has been a staple for keeping me occupied these past weeks. Self care comes in many embodiments. Stay safe everyone.