7 best Amazon ‘Rona Days Buys

Disclosure – I started this nearly a year ago but couldn’t bring myself to finish. I think I was just ready to put covid far behind as a distant memory of something we all managed to get through. Now it’s more like background noise, constant and still managing to affect things. Anyway – enjoy a list of stuff I bough off Amazon while I was bored……

Ah yes the ‘rona days. We all know them well, social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer and TP shortages. Not all of it was difficult or inconvenient, like binge watching my favorite shows, dooordashing and Amazon. Pretty sure all the delivery drivers on this side of town know who we are. Did y’all know Baskin Robins is on door dash? whhha? Anyway I think I made Amazon ordering an Olympic sport, seems only fair since many sporting events were cancelled. On the playing field today; 7 best Amazon ‘Rona Days Buys from the practical to random.

1. Cookbooks

When you can’t travel what better way to see the world than through it’s food! To me, a well written cookbook will have beautiful photographs and stories about the people and region that inspired the recipes. The latest one I picked up explores northern Thailand.

2. Party Decorations

Since travel has been out of the question I’ve used my new cookbooks to have little stay at home themed dinner parties. I have done BollyWood, Luau and Paris Night (oh and one time we did a bologna sampling). Delicious dinner, signature cocktail, perhaps a movie or music that follows the theme, and decorations to bring the whole thing together. Amazon allowed me to do this quick and on the cheap. I even got cute outfits for the dog. Side note a 20lb dog is roughly a size 4T, and he was the bestest boy at the Luau.

3. Notebooks

This probably belongs more in the practical column. I like to make lists, meal plan, jot down brain dumps and occasionally journal. Amazon has great supplies from pens, markers, stencils and yes journals. With it’s many options this brand has become my favorite. I’m currently using the whales for my to do list, isn’t it cute.

4. Eye Cream

No really. I’ve been squinting at the news awaiting the demise of civilization and it’s given me crows feet and the elevensies. This stuff really is fantastic for ..ahem.. mature skin but I’m sure anyone would benefit from a little pat pat around the eyes

5. Shampoo

Not going anywhere but I want my locks in a tip top shinny super strong state. But it’s ‘rona and I’m bored so how about trying lots of solid shampoo. Yep did that and this one is my favorite. It smells so good, and I didn’t have to fight the conditioning bar to get in my super thick hair. It was all ‘I got this’.

6. Games

I found these cool who dunit games, they are like playing clue but with a backstory. Most of them have multiple mysteries that are solved in succession until you reach the final goal. The only downside is once the story has been solved you can’t really play it again, but we did find that it’s easy to package them back up and pass them along to some other poor stuck at home soul.

7. Record Player

Yep probably my best most favorite Amazon in the time of ‘rona purchase is my record player. I was so done with the player that couldn’t maintain it’s speed and seemed to think ‘in stereo’ was a suggestion. This player is just what I needed to be able to enjoy my collection. I wasn’t looking for a big set up, however this player accepts external speakers so I can expand in the future.

dis is the one

Reflecting back I found it difficult to pick just 7 out of * mumbles a number* so I hope you enjoy the pickins’ and may your shopping cart be full.