7 Hostess Gifts Under $15

My daffodils are up so as far as I’m considered, spring has started!  Which means the social events of the season are right around the corner, like Easter brunch, sweet little garden parties,  ladies tea, cookouts in the park and just about any other event ushered in by warm air and green grass.

Typically manners dictate to ask “what can I bring” in an effort to lighten the load for our hostess, but a small thank you gift can’t hurt.   So here are 7 delightful hostess gifts all under $15 (be on the lookout of an under $30 coming soon)

These flour sack towels, in fresh spring colors, are a welcome addition to any kitchen.  For this price, get a few sets and keep them around just in case.  (If my husband is reading this, yes I know I have an addiction to kitchen towels.)

So other than having an addiction to kitchen towels, I also love cute little bowls.  Just good for anything especially a hostess gift, and even more so if the vestment is this lovely mint color.

When the soiree has come to a close will your hostess sit down for a hot cup of tea, or collapse in a heap until morning coffee is brewed?  Either way show your appreciation with this cheery mug of llamas .  I just love their faces, kinda squinched up like they are giving the stank eye!

Does your hostess like beer, getting her learn on or both?  This towel is so awesome with it’s funky colors and every square inch filled with information and history about – yes beer.  To pretty to use if you ask me.

If you want to be more personal  try a vinyl decal from Salt and Grace Designs.  Wouldn’t the hostess’s stand mixer look adorable with this anchor decal , after all she did make the best hummingbird cake you’ve ever tasted.

Thinking simple and practical, how about charmingly wrapped hand soaps.  For an even bigger impact, tie a stack together with gingham ribbon or bakers twine.  A personal favorite of mine, Gardeners from C & E, but with all they offer I’m sure you can find your favorite too.

Finally, one of the sweetest hostess gifts I ever received was a small wicker basket filled with live herbs and scissors for snipping.  Coming from a local nursery specializing in herbs they were beautiful and ready to plant.

Well, hopefully this list has made it’s appearance perfectly timed for your spring time social going ons.   Be on the look out for the under $30 list coming soon.

In the mean time what is your favorite hostess gift to give/receive?

(btw – as always these are my own opinions no one paid me to say anything, and for photo credit follow the link)