Ten Resons I Want to be a Pirate

Once upon a time I use to blog elsewhere.
Original air date : 18Aug2008

Disclaimer:  Don’t approach me singing “yo heave ho”  I’m not a heaving  ho
1.  Rum, its  a pirates job to drink spiced rum!
2.  Who else can call their material possession “booty”
3.  Warm water and white sandy beaches
4.  A profession that doesn’t require  high heels or people skills
5.  I would have my own theme park ride at Disney
6.  Nappy hair is in!
7.  Pillaging, I would get to pillage
8.  Making people walk the plank would be cool
9.  I could finally put all those cannonballs I’ve been keeping to good use

10.  Eye patches are slimming

Mostly Mangle

Here it goes, deep breath.  The purpose of this blog is to have a place for the inter-mangling of all the things in my life I enjoy,  hopefully for your enjoyment as well.  Like I said, that’s what its suppose to be.  It might just be a great place for me to run my mouth, who knows.  So – whats game for mangling?  Food, homemade ingenuity, moments in green thumdom, good hair days and other random things.   I think that about covers it all!