Binge Cleaning, Doggy Noses, and Satisfied Cravings

I love a successful task master cleaning sessions. We are expecting company in a few days and what’s the best way to get ready; make sure they don’t have to look at my filth! Well as long as they don’t look on top of the fridge or in the garage. So yep – that was how I spent the weekend.

However, the one thing I can’t seem to get ahead of is dog hair. Boomer has been doing nothing but shedding the past few weeks, and I do mean nothing. He is adorably lazy just like a pupper should be. He also likes to insert himself in all activities, here I am trying to take a picture of the new run to send to my husband, but wait – dog nose.

Time and again I’ve said I want to take a foodie tour of Wilmington exclusively eating shrimp tacos. It’s shrimp and it’s tacos, how can this ever be a bad thing. My current favorite is Fish Bite’s blackened shrimp tacos with a side of their Thai sauce. Here I even indulged in zucchini fries.