Bow ties, chicken thighs and a tradition dies.

This dog! Who would have thought he would look so cute in his bow tie. Okay so I never doubted it. He needs a red plaid one for Christmas.

Newest revelation in the kitchen; chicken thighs. No seriously, I’ve never been a fan until recently. Now I’m nearly obsessed with them and finding the perfect way to cook them. I have done BBQ sauce on the grill, lemon buttery BBQ baked, skillet sweet and sour, and a few other disasters, I mean experiments. So far my favorite is cooking them in a skillet with a honey lime sauce. It’s sweet, tangy and juicy. Totally perfect. Once I feel like I’ve nailed it, I’m gonna share!

Speaking of changing things up and trying something new, we have always done a Thanksgiving dinner at our house. In recent years this has become more difficult to coordinate and, if we are being honest, personal reasons to much to endure. This year we are joining a local church body to deliver Thanksgiving meals rather than eating one! Not looking for any validation just encouraging others that’s it’s okay to break tradition once in a while, they can always be revisited later.