Ice Cream Sundae Kit

How clever are these ice cream sundae kits?  Little bowls, spoons, lots of topping choices and a scoop.  Like it says – just add ice cream.

I made and gave these for Christmas gifts.  I think they would be super cute for Valentines day given to the neighbors, kid’s teachers, grandparents …. I think you get the idea.

Not only were they fun, but simple enough that they came together with ease even during the holiday crazy.  The disposable bowls and spoons came from amazon, what wasn’t already in my stash I picked up at the wally.


Treat bags and scrap book paper dressed up the sprinkles, gummy bears and mini M&Ms.   Washi tape (a crafter’s bestie) added a little something extra to the wooden spoons and tags.  If I wasn’t worried about shelf life in the mail I probably would have made homemade chocolate and caramel sauce, but the store bought worked just fine.  Tie a  ‘just add ice cream’ note to the scoop and done.

Make Your Own Chalk Paint DIY

Well the first thing I learned about chalk paint; oh my that is expensive for a little can.  This cool thing happens when you type stuff into google, you find others who went before you in search of a better way.  Truthfully I trolled the internet, got the basic idea and and just played. So – Why did I choose to make my own when the work is already done for me, it cheap, easy and the color pallet is limitless.

The basics of the recipe is 1 part water, 1 part plaster of Paris and 3 parts paint.   The plaster of Paris will make this set up or cure quickly once applied.  Also, once mixed it will harden over time so only make what you need for your project.  Because of the soft texture of the chalk paint I would recommend using satin or flat paint, the velspar paint and primer in one is a good choice.  Mix the water and POP together first then add this to the paint. I mix it until it looks like thin batter.   I do add a little more water to the paint mixture before I make the final coat.  I find this makes the brush strokes much less noticeable.  Simple.

We painted out bedroom a lovely shade of grey and the ceiling a lighter color.  Its soft and gorgeous, and I wanted the bed side tables to match.   They started off one green and the other brown with contact paper on the top.


I used what was left of the ceiling color to paint the tables.

Then I added antiquing dust to bring out the details.

Then done.

I topped it with a little white ceramic bird and some old glass door knobs I have been saving.


Want to see what else I am thinking for the bed room?  Check the rest of my random jumbled up thoughts HERE on my bedroom  pinterest board.

JOY door swag

I oh so love to decorate for Christmas, adding a little something each year.  I saw something similar to this in the garnet hill catalog and thought it was just lovely.  Then I recalled I am decorating on a budget this year. I pulled together a few things I had around the house and saw that hobby lobby had their wood letters on sale, score!

Burlap Ribbon left over from this wreath.
Wooden letters   
Craft paint
Modge Podge left over from these ornaments
Glue gun
random glitter
Glitter spray paint left over from this mercury glass tutorial

I think this is pretty self explanatory, paint, glitter and more glitter the mess out of those letters.  Then use the glue gun to adhere the letters to a long strip of burlap ribbon.  Then hang them over a door, I actually stapled them to the top of the door (shhhh don’t tell husband). 

Christmas Key Ornament

Trim your tree with shapely vintage (reproduction)  keys hanging from pretty ribbons.  These are so versatile making them a great gift also.


Keys ( I ordered my vintage reproduction keys on ebay )
Glitter Spray Paint, or other colors if you want
Ribbons, also in various colors
loose glitter if you desire

I made sure they keys were clean and free from rust with a small brass brush.

 I liked the dark color of the keys so I simply sprayed with glitter giving them sparkle and Christmas pizazz.  ( If you are worried about the glitter not sticking you can do a light coat of clear acrylic over the glitter, or modge podge ). Then I tied them with ribbon and hung them on the tree.

Its humid here so I had to bring the keys in and let them dry overnight.  A little trick for letting them dry completely.  Thread a wooden skewer through the keys and then hang them over the mouth of a tupperware container or old pickle jar.

I think these would be pretty done in white with blue ribbon. 

Mermaid Tea Party

Well – It has been several weeks since the mermaid tea party.  I had a complete and total blast from start to finish.  I loved every piece, from the planning to fixing food and of course hanging out with my girl friends. The really are the most spectacular part of any event.  So here is the break down, sum it up, main points of interest and all around good stuff.

The table setting was a compilations of thrift shop finds, white dishes, bits and baubles I either already had or borrowed. I made the old shipwreck bottles myself  as shown here. I wanted it to look like little bits and pieces that the mermaids might have taken off old shipwrecks and stashed about.

 I placed it all on a basic white cotton table cloth accented with pieces of broad cloth in earthy tones and deep teal.  Thank you to my mother in law who let me borrow from her cast iron mermaid collection, they set the tone perfectly.

Food!  I love to eat.  I made scones posted here, orange mascarpone (melt in your mouth) tartlets found here on pampered chef and mini cupcakes with butter cream frosting.  For the savory selection; cucumber and chicken salad sandwiches.  To save time I picked up a local favorite chicken salad the day before.

Of course I had a selection of tea that I had gathered over the past few months. I made a tea menu describing each tea and the caffeine content to help guest make a selection.  Water was kept hot in insulated carafes.  Just a hint, if you go this route splurge on a new one so the tea wont taste like coffee.

Mermaids have to be dressed for the occasion, so as we sipped idly on tea, drifting through conversation we all had little starfish hairpins, made here, for fun.  The hairpins were placed in a little silver dish, a little dressing area set up with a mirror.

As a little thank you for helping to make the party complete, everyone took home a little bath bomb.  I ordered them here from SweetBath Confections.  They were affordable in a box of twelve, and perfect as they were individually wrapped.    I kept a few back for myself and loved them!

Well I think that about does it for the highlights.  Whew, it was so enjoyable.  I cant wait to plan another party!  Any birthdays out there????   HA!

~ Want to see how my mind wanders?  Follow me on pinterest, better yet start with my mermaid party board!

Diaper Cake Not Quite Tutorial

Diaper Cake Not Quite Tutorial

The first diaper cake I made was years ago for a shower that was here at the house.  The same one I made the jungle themed party decorations for.  They are pretty simple so this is more of a guide than a step by step tutorial.

New born diapers (42 total)
Fleece blanket
Flannel receiving blankets
Cake “topper” stuffed toy
Other decorations, think small and easy to attach
Assortment of ribbon
Safety pins
Rubber band assortment
Wooden skewers or chop sticks
Hot glue gun or stapler

The first step takes the longest and is the least amount of fun so its good to get it out of the way. Roll all the diapers!  I find its best to roll starting from the waist band to the bottom of the diaper.  This way the loose flappy edges are to the inside, making the diaper easier to work with.

Now to assemble the individual layers.  Using a rubber band, bind together four diapers.  Repeat this process two more times for a total of three sets of four.   Set one aside, this is the top layer of the cake (4 diapers) .

Now to each remaining set of four add eight more diapers to the outside.  Set one of these aside to be the middle layer (12 diapers).

Add the remaining diapers to the last set to make the bottom layer of the cake (26 diapers).

To assemble the cake, and make it stay together, I use a wooden skewer threaded down the middle to keep the layers from shifting. 

Then wrap the cake with the blankets.  I like to use a fleece one for the bottom and the lighter flannel for the top two layers.  Secure them with clothes pins.  If you choose to, wrap the ribbon around the base of each layer, secure the ends to themselves with either staples or hot glue. 

For the cake topper I tied a bow around the lions neck, slipped another skewer in to it from behind and used that to attach him to the cake upright. Finish by adding all the other decorations around the cake.  

Mermaid Hairpins DIY

 The tea party is getting closer and closer.  I want my mermaids to feel pretty so I made a few mermaid hairpins.  

You will need small dried starfish, hair clips, quilt batting scraps, scissors and hot glue gun! 

 To each starfish I glued a small piece of scrap quilt batting to the back, felt would work too.

Then after the glue was dry I attached a small hair clip to the back.  Be careful not to glue the clip shut.


ShipWreck Bottles using Water Decals Almost Tutorial

Water Decals Tutorial
I can remember being a teenager and loving those little decals that you soak in water then stick to your nails.   Well now you can get printable paper for creating your own grown up decals.  The product web site is HERE, however it is available from many sources.  I picked mine up on Amazon.  It comes for both laser and ink jet printers so be check and make sure you get the correct one.  Okay – on from what sounded like a public service announcement to the project.
I was looking for old bottles to add to the table-scape of the mermaid tea party.   So once again think; vintage meets ship wreck.  However, much like the mercury glass it wrecked my budget.  I found a really cool old whiskey bottle at an antique/junk shop that would have been perfect except it was $30 … um no, especially since the whiskey was all gone.   I set out to make my own, for about $15 and some free wine bottles I was ready.
Wine bottles, with existing labels removed
New Labels to print (see sources below)
Decal paper
Water filled Spray bottle
Digital software (optional)
I used Photoshop to do a little editing on the images but that really isn’t necessary.  Simply print them on the decal sheets following the instructions that came with the pack.  Then cut them out, you will be able to see the edge slightly after the transfer so you might want to be as neat as possible.  
Transfer the decals to the bottles, again following the instructions that came with the paper.  Tip; spraying the surface with a little water allowed me to manipulate the decal and push out air bubbles before it set up.  Allow them to dry over night before handling them. 
It is recommended to spray a clear coat over the decals.   However, I was concerned this might look messy on the clear bottles if it wasn’t perfectly even so I opted out.   Have fun!   I’m sure there are tons of uses for these decals!   
Graphic sources:
 I found the French design here at Graphics Fairy.    The pharmacy label is from here at Altered Artifacts.  As for the Witch Hazel label, I have seen it everywhere and have no idea where it came from.  However best I can tell Love Mansion is the original creator, find it here. 

Mercury Glass Tutorial with Glitter!

Mercury glass has a warm comfortable glow along with an irresistible shine.  As it is becoming increasingly popular with decorating trends I decided to add mercury glass to the decorations for the mermaid tea party (think mermaid meets vintage meets shipwreck) .  I felt like it would lend to the shipwreck feel and then I saw how much it cost, oh it wrecked my wallet. 

Solution – the internet of course.    
There are lots and lots of tutorials out there.  They all had the Krylon LookingGlass spray paint in common.   Per the manufactures instructions, the paint is applied to the reverse side of the glass.  Then various forms of distressing could be applied/performed.    I wasn’t too keen on treating the glass after it was painted so this is what I tried instead. 

Spray paint choices
Preparation tip, I wrapped the outside of the candle holders/vase with newspaper and clear pacing tape to protect the outside from over spray. 
wrap the outside

I applied glitter spray paint first and then the looking glass spray paint, both to the reverse side of the glass.  I was hoping the glitter would break up the “glass” appearance creating the distressed mercury glass look without any additional hands on time.  

First of all the glitter blast was not the best choice.  It is  for full coverage glitter so I applied a few little bursts.  Unfortunately it gave the glass a dull appearance. Great product, I used it for some other applications, just not this one.  See how dull the finished product is.


So on to what else didn’t work.  I got these cute Fleur -de-lis candle holders at Hobby Lobby, some clear and some blue.  The instructions for the spray paint say the surface has to be clean and dry.  Hot soapy water fail.  I managed to salvage the second one sort of. For what I can figure, the “blue” was a lacquer applied to the outside of clear glass.  

So on to what worked.  The glitter spray paint!  Instead of spray paint marketed for full coverage I went with more of a subtle glittery-ness spray paint.  The glitter spray paint was applied first in a few light coats; uneven is fine perhaps even better.  Let that dry and continued with the looking glass paint as described.  

I tried it on a vase, note the subtle gold glitter. 

Cracked glass, turned out quite pretty.

Blue slightly ruined candle holders, probably my favorite!

And clear glass.

I like the effect the gold glitter brought to the whole experience.  Very shipwreck with out wrecking my wallet.

Cigar Boxes!

My husband tickled me to pieces by giving me a stash of old cigar boxes.  Seriously, I was giddy and released him from any household chores for the rest of that day.  I know their first purpose will be to hold tea and other goodies at an up and coming mermaid tea party (cant wait).  After that who knows.  So I want to know –  What would you do with all these boxes?