Christmas Key Ornament

Trim your tree with shapely vintage (reproduction)  keys hanging from pretty ribbons.  These are so versatile making them a great gift also.


Keys ( I ordered my vintage reproduction keys on ebay )
Glitter Spray Paint, or other colors if you want
Ribbons, also in various colors
loose glitter if you desire

I made sure they keys were clean and free from rust with a small brass brush.

 I liked the dark color of the keys so I simply sprayed with glitter giving them sparkle and Christmas pizazz.  ( If you are worried about the glitter not sticking you can do a light coat of clear acrylic over the glitter, or modge podge ). Then I tied them with ribbon and hung them on the tree.

Its humid here so I had to bring the keys in and let them dry overnight.  A little trick for letting them dry completely.  Thread a wooden skewer through the keys and then hang them over the mouth of a tupperware container or old pickle jar.

I think these would be pretty done in white with blue ribbon.