Crafting For Me

Its rare I say I’m making something just for myself; that I purposely set aside time just for me at the sewing machine.  This was one of those times but I couldnt resist taking a few pictures along the way.  This is not really a tutorial blog more a gnetle guide line of what I did, so no measurements or specifics.  Although that’s sometimes the best instructions.

Two flour sack towels – washed and ironed
assortment of fabric scraps, ribbon and extra wide double fold bias tape.

Again, I pretty much eyeballed all of my measurements.  I pulled out the measuring tape now and again but nothing to precise.

For the blue and yellow. 

Cut bias tape or and other trim wider than your fabric by a few inches. I used extra wide double fold tape but some pictures show the standard width, I decided it wasn’t what I wanted and switched.    This will give you an ample amount to fold the raw edge under and around to the back if you desire.   
Cut your fabric scraps 1-2 inches wider than your fabric, fold over all the edges and iron well.

Top stitch the lace trim

Then fabric panel

 Followed by the bias tape.
Tada! All Done.

 For the Brown and green

 If you want to turn your fabric scrap into a ruffle I recommend cutting it twice the width of the towel.  I think I cut mine the width of the bolt (~42 inches), like I said this was not about exact measurements.  You can follow this tut HERE on using a basting stitch to make a ruffle.  I did however fold my fabric in half instead of making a rolled edge. 

The result was a very full, almost to full, ruffle.  Attach the ruffle to the bottom of the towel, which I talk about somewhere in THIS tut.

  Followed by the brown ribbon to cover up the raw edge. 

I used stitch witchery seam tape to secure the ribbon before I top stitched.  I didn’t want it to slip or have the raw edge of the ruffle work its way out.  The result was a very stiff but neat edge.  

   All done and ready to use.