Five Things Friday

Just five little things that made my week.

1.  Every moment I have been in my office this week, and I do mean every moment,  I’ve been listening to 80s music.  I can’t go back to the days of being a kid, where we drank from the garden hose, skinned our everything climbing trees or playing kick ball until we couldn’t see ….. but I’m sure gonna try one song at a time.

2.   Marinated grilled chicken with mango salsa and cilantro lime rice,  steak pinwheel doodads with ranch mushrooms, red beans and rice.  I was in a cooking whirlwind, and no one around here seemed to complain.

3.  It’s another week of sampling tea from  This really is the best gift subscription ever.   Yesterday I opened the English breakfast and it’s delightful.   Last week was a raspberry honeybush.  Today I ordered more of the cinnamon orange red.

4.  As many exercised their 1st amendment right on Wend I was also reminded that we live in a great democracy.  I had jury duty, yes an inconvenience, but an absolute reminder that we have due process, freedom of speech and a lengthy list of rights and freedoms.

5.    I get asked a lot “what do you do?” and I always stumble through an explanation.  Well I’m self employee and contracted, project management, or sometimes product/feature management with a little QA testing for a database companies client base, but sometimes not for them….. oh man it’s confusing.  Knowing that the jury selection process would no doubt ask me that question I knew I needed to revolutionize my explanation.  Contract IT, that’s what I do.