Five Things Friday

Just five little things that made my week.

1.  So technically this was last week on Saturday but it was after my last five things so I’m saying it anyway.  Monthly we go to a B Cinema Movie night at a friends house, complete with a mini screening room.  This month was classic fantasy, we watched  The Golden Voyage of Sinbad  and The Land that Time Forgot.  It was pure 70s cinema.

2. We had tacos, twice.  They were epic.

3. I talked with my Gram for an hour yesterday, she repeated herself a lot but it was still lovely to hear her voice.  Listen to her stories.  She turned 91 in February, I got to visit her for her birthday.

4.  It’s spring.  Yippie!  I put out my hanging ferns and there already are birds makings nests all about the yard.  The deck is freshly stained, the greenhouse will be emptied out shortly and spring will be everywhere.

5.  Last night my husband declared “I want Indian food”.  I thought we would get take out or something, but what he really meant.  I want to cook Indian food.  OOOOO