Five Things Friday

Five little things that made my week.
1. I laughed, a lot. Television shows, celebrity interviews, memes, friends, husband, dogs, my clumsy self, with, at…I didn’t discriminate. I was out of control.
2. Went to the NC Museum of Art with my husband to see the O’Keeffe exhibit The Beyond. Delightful doesn’t even begin to describe it.
3. Had breakfast at my favorite little place, The Famous Toastery. I walk in, sit in my spot, and coffee magically appears, who doesn’t love that.
4. My sister in law headed home on Tuesday. Even thought I was bummed to see her head home I reflected back on an enjoyable time with family.
5. Found a pair of boots for my up and coming trip to PA. This made my week because they are warm, cute and they were $30.