Five things Friday

Five little things that made my week.

1. Date night -trowing sharp things and drinking beer. Yes we drank beer at the same time we threw axes, yes we had to sign a waiver, yes I was terrible and yes I had a great time.

2. A not so little thing; I launched my printable Etsy shop. Anyone that has followed my blog knows sewing was a huge passion and what I featured in my Etsy shop for many years. So what prompted this very different side hustle? Sewing for other people just isn’t as much fun as, well sewing for fun. So I decided on something a little more passive. To learn more about the launch click here.

3. My mom started a job on Thursday. I’m beyond thrilled for her and this new chapter. She is nervous, excited and taking the challenge head on. Way to go mom!

4. This time next week I’ll be visiting family in PA. It’s my grandmothers 92 birthday Feb 7th. I don’t think this needs much more of a joyful explanation than that.

5. Anyone that has lost a pup knows how much that absence puts an ache in your heart. Anyone with a pup knows how full your heart can be from tail wags, nose kisses, dirty car windows, poop laden yards and the occasional ninja tongue up the nose maneuver. My friend is again adding that to her life, times two. She is getting an instant pack/herd/collection this weekend by adding two new pups for a total of three little floofs. Yippie Floofs!