Five things Friday

Technically these were all last week but I didn’t have internet on Friday, also some aren’t so little. Five big things that made my week?

1. I flew from NC to PA; two flights and the seat next to me were empty. Although it’s nice to have a some conversation to make the time pass, it was equally nice to be left with my thoughts. What wasn’t nice – the fog, this was about 60 seconds before we landed.

2. We had a great time celebrating Gram’s 92nd birthday. Like I said, these aren’t all little things – 92 years! She has the stories to go with it too!

3. Snow – I got to see snow. Down south we get at least one annual nasty ice storm and perhaps a light dusting, but not pretty on the trees snow. Glad I don’t have to drive in it.

4. New career developments that I’m intentionally being vague about, but they have an office dog. Whhhhaaaaaa?

5. Spending time with my Dad, I’m enjoying my visit and his company.