If you’re anything like my husband and me you can’t ever decide where to eat or break away from routine places.   We get stuck in a rut sometimes, all good food in the rut (see below), but a rut none the less.   At one point we had a few of the favorite “ruts” listed on a cork board in his office.  We would throw darts at it to choose where to go. So now I’m putting together my dinners bucket list, a few places I want to try.   Who knows the rut list might even get a few new contenders.   
I found a few resources helped with the task.  Personally, I find the web to be the largest place for current information.  There are lots of restaurant guides out there but for this post I’m narrowing it down to two.  First , , the site is user friendly and has a quick catagory reference on the front page.  Their mobile app makes it easy to find something new or read a review when you are on the go.  Second, there is that is comprehensive and easy to use. It allows the hungry user to view the menu, read reviews and make reservations!  If you consider yourself to be a worthy food critic you can even become one of the Row’s reviewers and make a little extra money.  So using these resources I have my dinners bucket list.
Rut list
Papa Johns
German Cafe
Bucket List 
The Harp – Irish pub
Grand Union Pup – okay so Ive been but I really want to go back
Someplace posh downtown
Zaaki Grill – felafel yumm
The Goody Goody Omelet House – That’s right, I’ve never been there! 
Got any good suggestions out there?

6 Replies to “FOOOOOOOOD!”

  1. Cynthia, thanks for the recommendation and the inside track on the eggs benedict. Cool to hear one of your boys works there too.

  2. The Basics in the Cotton Exchange, on the Front side. We had an app last night…fried oysters with some delish spicy aioli. The bomb is their Eggs Benedict over crab cakes (weekend brunch) and their shrimp and grits. Oh, and I know the chef personally.. I grew him 😉

  3. Oh Carolyn, I know that place, its been a looong time since I've been there. I saw George Elliot, the weather guy, there once. It has been very long since I have been there and I bet Tim has never been. I should take him.

  4. College Road Deli and Sandwich in the Sam's Club area by Comfortable Soles, a Mexican restaurant and Pet Smart. Fresh baked bread daily and huge chocolate chunk cookies, home fried potato chips,potato salad with a hint of dill (yummy).They are known for their Beef on Weck and fried Haddock (my favorite place to eat fish in Wilmington). Portions are very large. Don't be concerned if you go in and there is a line and no tables. Grab a seat as soon as available and you will be surprised how well the crowd moves through. I eat early or mid afternoon to avoid the rush. Hope you and Tim can get out of your rut and enjoy my favorite place. I want your review. Carolyn

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