GISHy Meal Plan.

GISH, what is GISH? Simply put for the newcomer it’s a week long international scavenger hunt. For a full fledged GISHer its a whole week wrapped in weirdness and chaos but above all; fun. So much fun that many of us go through withdrawals afterward because we aren’t doing/planning something weird.

In the weeks leading up to the hunt the burning question from the newbies is always; what do I do to get prepared? The typical response is to gather supplies. A prepared GISHer needs dryer lint, googly eyes, yarn, cardboard, paint, hot glue and a stormtrooper costume if you have one (I told you it was weird). Myself I prepare by gathering art supplies, setting out the first aid kit and making a meal plan. GISH brain usually sets in on day two, meaning I have to remind myself to stay hydrated, get some rest and eat. Meal planning and prepping assures that I eat but also gives me a sense of control in the mayhem which keeps my mental state in good standing. This post is only about the meal plan, the prep work and cooking for hunt week can be found here. Don’t worry I’ll repeat the link at the end.

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Alrighty – That’s why I meal plan, so now lets talk about how I meal plan. I try to pick meals and ingredients that can be prepared ahead of time without sacrificing quality. These meals don’t require any fancy skills or baby sitting, unless of course there is a GISH item to make a five course meal – I don’t see the need. Additionally these meals don’t rely heavily on processed foods, those can be great time savers it’s just not something I like to do.

Here is my meal plan for this years hunt ( I usually don’t plan this far in advance but I wanted to share) . Feel free to follow it to the letter, or use it as a rough guide adding and subtracting meals in a way that suits your needs. I also understand that not everyone has the same finances, some have likely already poured their monthly food budget into googly eyes. Again – this is what works for me and how I like to get ready for GISH.

Other meals I have done in the past; sheet pan chicken fried rice, Vietnamese noodle bowls, hot dogs with store bought sides, mushrooms steak with gravy, spaghetti and cobb salad.

To save time when I’m at the store, and to ensure I don’t overlook anything, I write my list in the same order as the grocery store. I typically shop the day before the list drops.


  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Stir fry veggies, I usually get a bag from fresh produce but feel free to get frozen veggies
  • Cilantro
  • Head of romaine (or already shredded lettuce)
  • 2 Large white onions
  • Couple of shallots but a small sweet onion works too
  • Jalapenos
  • Limes
  • Any taco topping preferences like avocado, or pico
  • Depending on what looks good I’ll grab some fruit and veggies for snacks.


  • 3 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 2, 1lb each, flank steaks
  • 1lb ground beef


  • 8oz shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 16oz Mexican cheese blend
  • 16oz Ricotta cheese
  • Sour cream for tacos


Obviously these can be picked up whenever, many of which might already be in the pantry.

  • 1 large can of Enchilada sauce
  • Stir fry sauce (I like to make my own)
  • Marinade for carne asada (I make my own, but I’ll tell you how to doctor store bought)
  • Corn or flour tortillas (enough for tacos, enchiladas, and carne asada)
  • Linguini (fresh or dry, fresh will cook faster so sometimes I spring for that )
  • Lasagna noodles (fresh or dry)
  • Big jar of marinara
  • Italian seasoning
  • Taco rub, not a seasoning packet cause gross
  • Instant rice
  • 2 cups of chicken stock/broth, unsalted is best
  • From the freezer section I will also pick up a few frozen burritos, a pizza and Klondike bars. Cause you know ice cream.

If it’s not already obvious I am a planner at heart. At this point you might have a pretty good idea of where I am going with meal prep. If you are still curious, and as I mentioned above, the post with all the prep work can be found here. Otherwise I hope this was helpful with preGish preparations, even if you just said “oh snap I gotta get googly eyes”.

Bonus Content
If you feel like you just need a little help getting organized, I have a meal plan and grocery list printables in my Etsy Shop.

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