Hot temps, Sunset Jeep Rides, and Food

Well, here in the south the heat has been about as relentless as a dog when you have a bag of potato chips. All up in your face with stinky, sticky hot breath. The grass is turning brown earlier than usual and my hair is set to maximum frizz. It’s hot and gross y’all, but that ain’t stopping us.

Husband finally got the jeep back and just in time too. The weather has been perfect for sunset rides. Our favorite stretch of River Road was gorgeous the other night. We were starting to cool off too, it was only 96 when we took this ride.

Food, I think it’s always on my mind in some capacity. This time it’s all in the meal planning, grilled chicken salad with a mango dressing, grilled pork tenderloin with something sweet and mustardy happening, and when it cools off to the upper 80s chocolate chip cookies. So come back next week and hopefully I’ll have a good recipe to share.