I must use my powers for good!

I love Mondays and always have. They are just marvelous, it’s like a fresh start with the week ahead, renewed aspirations and fancy schmancy thoughts. Friday is nice and all but lately the “air” feels stale by then; contaminated by plans gone askew, missed deadlines and run away budgets (boo). Monday is always a chance for a newfangled week.

With this new week comes responsibility – I must use my powers for good and not evil. The Task Master and The Stress Monkey; two of my strongest most prevalent personality traits. Monday is the day I get to exploit both of these “powers” with the hopes of a thoroughly satisfying and productive week. I try to harness the energy and enthusiasm of the task master and the endless imagination of the stress monkey.

If I let the task master take the lead, I’ll work myself into the ground and although having accomplished much, I’m exhausted come Friday. Instead I try to use this trait to be mindful of the mission, always keeping the large goal and the nitty gritty in appropriate focus creating balance. This gives me the ability to (hopefully) devise a smart plan, ripe with clear and simple goals.

The stress monkey – oh that biddy and her run away imagination will take me down so many rabbit trails, I will sacrifice any sense of normalcy. Translation: I drive myself and my husband crazy. Of all my “powers” this is probably the hardest to harness, it’s so easy to get on that stress train and ride it clear to the next station. Instead I try to reign in the stowaway and use the resourcefulness to come up with clever solutions allowing for flexibility.  

I don’t always get it right, sometimes I do use my powers for evil.  The task master won’t step back from the list long enough to make prudent and wise decisions for triage, or the stress monkey freaks out and starts flinging poo wrecking the place.  Not every week is without it’s fires, see listed of “boo hiss” happenings, but keeping my powers in perspective helps.

Now here is a picture of my truck freshly washed.