Mermaid Tea Party

Well – It has been several weeks since the mermaid tea party.  I had a complete and total blast from start to finish.  I loved every piece, from the planning to fixing food and of course hanging out with my girl friends. The really are the most spectacular part of any event.  So here is the break down, sum it up, main points of interest and all around good stuff.

The table setting was a compilations of thrift shop finds, white dishes, bits and baubles I either already had or borrowed. I made the old shipwreck bottles myself  as shown here. I wanted it to look like little bits and pieces that the mermaids might have taken off old shipwrecks and stashed about.

 I placed it all on a basic white cotton table cloth accented with pieces of broad cloth in earthy tones and deep teal.  Thank you to my mother in law who let me borrow from her cast iron mermaid collection, they set the tone perfectly.

Food!  I love to eat.  I made scones posted here, orange mascarpone (melt in your mouth) tartlets found here on pampered chef and mini cupcakes with butter cream frosting.  For the savory selection; cucumber and chicken salad sandwiches.  To save time I picked up a local favorite chicken salad the day before.

Of course I had a selection of tea that I had gathered over the past few months. I made a tea menu describing each tea and the caffeine content to help guest make a selection.  Water was kept hot in insulated carafes.  Just a hint, if you go this route splurge on a new one so the tea wont taste like coffee.

Mermaids have to be dressed for the occasion, so as we sipped idly on tea, drifting through conversation we all had little starfish hairpins, made here, for fun.  The hairpins were placed in a little silver dish, a little dressing area set up with a mirror.

As a little thank you for helping to make the party complete, everyone took home a little bath bomb.  I ordered them here from SweetBath Confections.  They were affordable in a box of twelve, and perfect as they were individually wrapped.    I kept a few back for myself and loved them!

Well I think that about does it for the highlights.  Whew, it was so enjoyable.  I cant wait to plan another party!  Any birthdays out there????   HA!

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  1. This was an AWESOME, well thought out and planned, FUN, Mermaid Tea Party! As always and AGAIN, Thank YOU for the Great time! Thanks for posting, this helps in re-living the Fun time!

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