Orchids, Bonsai and Tacos

Plants, plants, and food. Yep sounds like the perfect date, which is exactly what it was. So the last Friday I was in Pennsylvania dad and I decided we needed to do something touristy. We already knew we were meeting friends ‘in the city’ for dinner so the Phipps Conservatory seemed like the right idea. Thus – into Pittsburgh we went.

Built in 1983 the Phipps is constantly in the state of evolution and – quite literally – growth. Showing off the glass they installed last summer, that gorgeous Victorian greenhouse was just shimmering. “Look me, I’m so pretty.” The main room, receiving the most restoration, had a delightful crisp proud feel about it.

In the middle of the Pittsburgh winter is the annual Phipps orchid and bonsai show. There were orchids everywhere, beautifully arranged in towering planters, delightful hanging arrangements, and tucked into the crooks of trees – truly everywhere. Even the Orchid Room seemed brighter than usual, if that’s possible.

Then, in a room all to themselves, were the bonsai – each perched on their own pedestals demonstrating just how special and cultivated they were. I learned something interesting about the bonsai on display; during the warmer months there is a bonsai garden outside, however these trees were not part of that collection. In fact, the only time they were on display was for this specific show. They spend the rest of their time squirreled away in the greenhouse, getting fussed on by the in house horticulturists.

From there we headed over to Union Grill to meet friends, enjoy some local brews and have the biggest fish taco I’ve ever eaten. It was just this mammoth piece of fish, on a flour tortilla, with this overflow of taco goodness; corn salsa, cheese, spicy something and this citrus cilantro creme sauce that just put it over the top. I’m not a food photo person so you will just have to trust me, and full disclosure I ate all of it.

So with an overly stuffed belly I was all – hey friends we are going back to the Phipps to walk(waddle) around during the special after dark hours, wanna come with? I was thrilled they said yes.

On we all went to waddle through the exhibits, spending time enthralled with the giant train set. That’s when my friend Chelsea, with what I can only explain as the exuberance of a child, proclaimed herself queen of the diorama.

So that about sums up our day in the city. Plants, plants, tacos, royalty and more plants. Till next time!