Mom’s Tortellini Salad

Well I’m on my way to PA to spend some time with my parents.  We will be celebrating my dads 60th birhtday with a family picnic.  I am sure moms Tortellini Salad will be a guest of honor.  Its probably one of the simplest take along foods, and always a crowd pleaser.

2 containers of  cheese tortellini, or one family sized (in the refrigerator section)
1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes
small jar of sliced olives
1 cup of shredded three cheese blend
small bottle of  Italian dressing

Cook the pasta per the package instructions

While the pasta is cooking:
Slice the tomatoes in half
Drain the olives

Drain the pasta and transfer to a large mixing bowl, cool.  Tip: add a little of the  dressing and stir to keep the pasta from sticking to itself.

Once the pasta is cooled mix in the tomatoes, olives, cheese and half the bottle of dressing.

Serve cold or a room temp and enjoy! 

Caprese Salad on Toast

Its the height of summer and everyone’s garden is fruitful.  I will be going to visit my family next Saturday in Butler PA. We will no doubt spend the week eating family meals right out of my mothers garden.  This is probably my favorite way to “dispose” of perfectly ripe tomatoes.  For the best flavor make this fresh and feel free to eyeball the ingredients. 

1-2 fist size ripe tomatoes
1 ball fresh mozzarella cheese
1 cup of basil leaves, washed and patted dry
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Dice the tomatoes into bite size pieces.  It might sound like a little extra work but I prefer to cut the top off the tomato and scoop out the seeds first.  It keeps the dish from being too runny and my indigestion in check. 
Cut about half the cheese into the same size pieces.
Stack several basil leaves together and slice.  Avoid the urge to chop the basil, it will get bruised and not be as green and pretty.
Mix all this together in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, salt pepper and mix again. 

Serve on toasted Baguette, or get fancy and try my garlic bread recipe here.  

I would love to hear your favorite tomato “disposal” recipe?


Life as an Octopus

Thoughts on living life as a giant octopus, no really I thought about it.
Eight arms, eight purses yippee!
No feet no shoes, bummer.
I was a Bond girl…..twice
When I get scared I ink myself, how embarrassing.
I’m the Kraken goo goo g’ joob
Rock paper suckers!
Captain Nimo looked like he needed a hug, that’s all.  
 Disclaimer:  This is what happens when someone ask for random.  I don’t know if its funny, but I laughed. 

Indulging my Right Brain

A creative outlet is like a good piece of chocolate, you crave it and are satisfied for a bit before you just want to try another one.  If we were created in His image and He is a creator than it stands to reason we would be instilled with that same desire and drive to create.    I spend all day doing science and math left brain nerdy things.  By weeks end I feel like the right side of my brain is starved and screaming,  “Let me create”.  I have tried and enjoyed so many hobbies, sewing, jewelry, stamping, glass beads, painting, faux finishing, knitting, crocheting and the list goes on.   Recently I sold my remaining glass bead making supplies to a friend.   Initially I felt like I was giving up on a hobby or interest.  Almost like neglecting a puppy that wants to play.   After some reflection it was quite the opposite.  I had passed it on for a new life with someone that will use my neglected hobby to feed their right brain.  .   I had passed it on for a new life with someone that will use my neglected hobby to feed their right brain.  My right brain rejoiced “yea another crafty” and I realized it was fun to share what I no longer had a need for.  I’ve been on a sewing kick for about a year now. Such a right brain indulgence.  I feel like I’ve invested in it to be more than a playful puppy, rather an exciting a new venture.  Lets hope so!
So what fuels your right brain, and what have you put up for adoption?
Want to see the new life I was talking about?  Take a trip over to Sea of Glass on the blog-sphere and see what Cynthia has been up to!

Wal-Mart Bingo

Disclaimer:  Sorry 🙂

I dispise going to wally world.  They move stuff constantly, the lines are really long and the poeple encountered, ………. well.
Tim and I invented this game for when there is just no getting around it and we have to go.   Its fun to play in the parking lot, the grocery section, electronics, the check out, pretty much everywhere.  Make your own list or borrow from this one.  I would love to her your Wal-mart bingo experiences.

1990’s Lincold town car with spinners
an entire family in camo
the mullet – bonus is its a she mullet, or shmulet
little kids sucker punching up the produce
Mini van with flames painted on the side
butt crack on isle five
when checking out an associate comments are more than three things in your cart
find something dead