Party Decoration Tutorial – Flower Pomander

If you caught my post last week then you already know, if not here it is again.
Between the food decorations, invitations, games, and just all around hoopla I love planning a party.   I have the absolute honor to host a bridal shower, along with my MIL, for my husband’s cousin.  As sad as it is that I’m losing my favorite house sitter to a house of her own I just can’t wait to celebrate.    One of the best things about celebrating is the decorations.   This is a quick tut for one of the decorations I made.  There are a million out there for the same thing but I couldn’t resist one of my own!
Flower  Pomander

Supplies – see photo

5” Styrofoam ball
Artificial flowers, cut free from their greenery with ~2” of stem, lots and lots
Hot glue gun
Sharp pointy object (I used a bamboo skewer)
Florist wire, about fifteen inches long
Wire cutters
Ribbon, about fifteen inches long
Tissue paper (not shown)
The first step is to make two holes for the wire.  I used a bamboo skewer to make parallel holes about ½ inch apart through the ball.  Next, on the same side of the ball thread each end of the wire through separate holes.  The wire will form a “U” shape one side of the ball and stick out the other side.  Twist the other two ends of the wire together and cut excess.  Much later this will serve to attach the ribbon loop. 
You can probably get away without doing the next step but… wrap the foam ball with a sheet of tissue paper.  For this project I used a coordinating pink.


Next, with the hot glue gun, attach the flowers using the stem to poke through the tissue paper into the ball.  Continue this process until the ball is covered to your liking.  I’m not gonna lie, this is where it can get expensive.  I bought what I thought was enough to make five of these and found I couldn’t even complete three so just buy wisely.

Finally slip a piece of ribbon through the “U” made by the wire and tie it off.  If you want a little extra security place a dab of glue under the knot and secure to the ball.  Fluff the flowers to hide the know and your done.

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