Retro Blog – Not so artistic graffiti artists

Once upon a time I use to Blog elsewhere – original air date Jan 2008

Recently our street and the next one over have been the target of graffiti.  Not that I am glorifying graffiti but it isn’t even pretty graffiti.  Its some red a black scribble on the mail box and what looks like an attempt at a cool signature on the drive way.  A few days later it was the letters “LSD” and a smiley face on a garage door down the street.  Some hippie came up with the “have a nice day” smiley face in the 70’s, not exactly original art.  I mean if you really feel the need to permanently make your mark on society at least make it look pretty not like a monkey that had two pots of coffee did it.   So like what’s next, circle circle dot dot now my driveway has its cootie shot?  I guess what I am getting at is, grow up.  If you want to make you mark on society find a mentor, and choose a direction you can be proud of. Not a $3 can of spray paint and a criminal record. 
In Philly when kids get busted for graffiti they don’t go to juvy.  Its community service with a local artist painting breathtaking murals on the sides of old brick buildings in the inner city.  Results: 2500 murals, no graffiti, sense of accomplishment and pride.  Huh I wonder if my local “artists” will consider repainting my living room???