Side Hustle

Launched my new Etsy shop – keep reading to find out what the heck I was thinking or just click here to see what the fuss is about.

Anyone that knows me or has spent a hot min on my blog can tell you I love to sew. The joy of picking through the fabric stash with all that potential, the gentle hum of the machine, the occasional well placed curse word. Spend time reading my sewing tutorials and you will no doubt find a rabbit trail to my Etsy shop. My shop featured reusable paper towels, cocktail napkins and washable kitchen sponges. After about two years I reluctantly came to the conclusion – sewing for others and trying to maintain an inventory sucked the fun out of my hobby. I was bummed but still decided closing up and pursuing something else was in order. I kept my shop, but it sat empty for about a year.

Fast forward a bit, I changed the shop name to match my blog, cause you know type A over here likes the matchy matchy. I tried really hard to convince myself that something belonged in the inventory. However, there was this constant nagging issue with me – a very inconsistent schedule made anything that required consistent attention a terrible side hustle. In walked the digital solution, quite literally. I’m not a photoshop ‘make me look skinny and like that dog isn’t peeing on the bushes’ genius, but I had been making printables for a few years. Little expansion that that idea and poof – Etsy shop launch. So if you made it this far ( spoiler alert) favorite the shop and get a coupon. Keep checking back for updates.

polka dot to do list, instant download
Vacation planning bundle, instant download.
Anchors away, instant download.