Ten Resons I Want to be a Pirate

Once upon a time I use to blog elsewhere.
Original air date : 18Aug2008

Disclaimer:  Don’t approach me singing “yo heave ho”  I’m not a heaving  ho
1.  Rum, its  a pirates job to drink spiced rum!
2.  Who else can call their material possession “booty”
3.  Warm water and white sandy beaches
4.  A profession that doesn’t require  high heels or people skills
5.  I would have my own theme park ride at Disney
6.  Nappy hair is in!
7.  Pillaging, I would get to pillage
8.  Making people walk the plank would be cool
9.  I could finally put all those cannonballs I’ve been keeping to good use

10.  Eye patches are slimming

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  1. ah hahahaha! Eye patches…I used to HAVE to wear one as a baby. Also, funny thing…my secret code to make the comment work was "arrgh"!

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