The Bacon Phenomenon

One of my favorite combinations is sweet and salty, but I would never think of bacon as the salty to the sweet.  I have seen bacon chocolate chip cookies, bacon jelly beans, bacon wrapped twinkies, bacon toffee and even bacon and cupcake flavored dental floss! (do people really eat this stuff?)  If thats not enough, bacon lip gloss, bacon soap, bacon perfume……do what?  I’m sure most of them are novelties but still, how strange. Check it out, Think Geek even has a whole page dedicated to it.   So….have you been swayed by the bacon phenomenon to try any of these items?

One Reply to “The Bacon Phenomenon”

  1. I LOVE bacon – have you had the applewood smoked thick-sliced kind? OMG amazing!
    I might try the bacon perfume…the BF would sure like it 😉

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