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With the weather getting cooler, if only for a few days, always puts me in winter craft mode.  Then I start hauling out everything artsy fartsy, paw through it like some kind of crazied tree rat, get a million ideas, make a mess and still not know what to do.  Si I move on to phase two  – I spend hours looking at tutorials on the Internet. There are so many great ideas out there that people are more than willing to share.  This time I thought I would narrow down my hours of searching and make a list to share. ( and so I can find the tutorials again!).  I hope I will be able to post complete projects through the cooler weather days so stay tuned for that.  Please feel free to add any great tutorials in the comments section. I hope this gets your creative juices flowing like it does mine. 

Stamped Silverware

 Great to gift:
Stamped Silverware – actually making garden markers for Christmas gifts
Fabric Covered Wood Beads Bracelet by A Lemon Squeezy Home – she even shows different closure ideas
Re-purposed Jean Apron by Betz White – a great tut and a fun read
Herringbone Wire Wrap by Fusion Beads  – fantastic was to make stunning earring
Gathered Zipper Clutch by Noddlehead – I actually followed this tutorial to make gifts last year. 
Freezer Paper Stenciling Bird Pillow by Running With Scissors – The tutorial for the freezer paper alone is great!

Grandma and her quilt

Great to keep (or gift to someone really special)
Charm Square Quilt by Diary of a Quilter – I made a little bigger version for my grandma.
Cathedral Window Quilt by Hyena in Petticoats
Tote Tutorial by I Still Love You – Just challenging enough to still be fun.

Disclaimer:  The pictures are a few of my crafts.  If you find your tut here and feel I have misrepresented you.  Please email me and I will happily remove the link.

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  1. Eliza,

    Thanks so much for your sweet note and for including me on this list. I LOVE the picture of your grandma with the quilt. Awesome. (and so sweet.)

    Thanks again – please keep in touch!


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