Weirdness, Gishness and DragonCon

I had a terrific and busy summer filled with exceptional friends and big adventure. I wish I had blogged as the summer went but, I guess I was so excited to be in the moment that I forgot in a weird way.

Speaking of weird I went to Charlotte with my friend Jennifer to see Weird Al Yankovic’s Strings Attached show. The word phenomenal isn’t even enough. He is tremendous, a complete showman with costume changes, running through the audience, sitting in some ladies lap, he even rode a segway across the stage. All of this while being backed by a 40 some piece orchestra and his band. I had fun can you tell.

Shortly after that it was time for the annual GISH scavenger hunt. If you’ve paid attention in the past then you know it’s always chaos coupled with merriment to yield some pretty strange scavenger hunt ‘finds’. I think my favorite item this year was fishing for a compliment, mostly cause I liked the cheesy pick up like we used. “If you were a box of crayons you’d be the giant name-brand one with the buily in sharpener”. Oh man! HA!

Once I finally got my house back in order (a week long scavenger hunt takes it’s toll) it was time to get ready for DragonCon. This was my second time attending and I had a blast. My husband and I stayed in a host hotel putting us in the thick of the excitement and rabble-rousing. Favorite panel; gosh it’s hard to pick but i think the Farscape one. I fan girled so hard over – not Ben Browder – but Brain Henson. Cosplay is always fun, I worked really hard on my RamboBrite outfit, and probably harder painting a nerf gun gold and red glittery. Although I’m probably most proud of the last min 80s prom costumes I put together, even bleached those jeans!