Wooty Whoo

I am an animal lover and enjoy having woods in the back yard.  We see all kinds of creatures; eastern king snakes, blue heron, ladder back woodpecker, and what appeared to be a whole tribe of racoons having a drum circle on the deck with the fish food container.  I was excited when one night we spotted a new visitor in the back yard.  Then he came back again the next morning and my husband took this awesome picture.   I read that the barred owl can and will actually eat fish, sometimes wading in shallow water in search of a meal.  Sure enough, I’m missing one Butterfly Koi.

One Reply to “Wooty Whoo”

  1. So this guy is visible during the daytime? We hear owls a lot–the colder the louder they seem but I have not actually seen them. Lots of trees and either there is one that moves, or several posted in different spots.

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